“Bloomsburied in China: Hong Ying’s ‘K’ ”

Posted: April 04, 2003
The Nation April 4, 2003
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“Collapsing Inside and Outside: Reading ‘The Friend of the Friends’”

Posted: May 16, 2002
in The Finer Thread, the Tighter Weave: Essays on the Short Fiction of Henry James eds. Brooke Horvath & Joseph Dewey, Indiana: Purdue University Press, 2002. pp. 117-125.
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“A Rope to Throw the Reader: Reading the Diverse Rhythms of To the Lighthouse”

Posted: March 16, 2001
in Approaches to Teaching Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, eds. Beth Rigel Dougherty and Mary Beth Pringle. New York: Modern Language Association (March 2001), 93-101.
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“Holding Her Pen Like a Broom’: Virginia Woolf’s Anxieties about Working Class Women”

Posted: October 16, 1999
"Everything sounds in its own way. Slllt," writes James Joyce in Ulysses. The same might be said of Virginia Woolf whose style embodies not only the sound of things—for example, a gramophone’s "un-dis," a machine’s "tick tick," a cow’s coughing, a plane’s "zoom" cutting words in two (BA) —but also…
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“Virginia Woolf in/​on Translation”

Posted: September 16, 1999
Virginia Woolf Miscellany (fall 1999), editor of issue, introduction.
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